Alaine Tanner

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Featured Layouts

Erin's Haircut
Candy Christmas
San Jose
Dressing Up
Phoenix Zoo (L)
Phoenix Zoo (R)
Christmas Morning
Clayson's Birthday (L)
Clayson's Birthday (R)
Visiting Santa
Playing In The Sprinkler
Swinging Summer Fun
A Day at the Beach (L)
A Day at the Beach (R)
My Shadow and Me
Photography Lesson
Kids in a Wedding
Reunion Title Page
Willow Park
Apple of my Eye
Baby Closeups (L)
Baby Closeups (R)
I'm Home (L)
I'm Home (R)
Faucet Play
Easter Finery
Cole's Blessing
Fire Dog
Pooh Bear
Bad Hair Day (L)
Bad Hair Day (R)
Zoo Time Title Page
Autographs (L)
Autographs (R)
Disneyland Here We Come
Sword In The Stone
Cuddlebug (L)
Cuddlebug (R)
Gift Border
Trimming Our Tree
Early Start On Christmas (L)
Early Start On Christmas (R)
Playing in the Sprinkler (L)
Playing in the Sprinkler (R)