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By:carla s.

When I was seven yrs old I was awoke in the middle of the night by a horn blasting--not knowing what was going on my Dad grabbed me and rushed me outside and to the neighbors-the noise and confussion that followed was to overwhelming for me to realize what was happening--looking out the window of the house next door I watch out house burn the ground---just the chimney could be seen when the early morning sun rose in the sky--nothing was left--just a few things that my dad and my older brother and sister had managed to get out before the house was distroyed--the blasting of the horn (which was caused by one of the trucks burning in the barn) was what saved us. The huge barn which housed my Dad's business was gone, too. Just charred remains and a handful of photos.

Until I was older I never realised what had been lost that January night in 1969--memories--memories that would be very hard to put back together. The last few years I have spend searching for answers-answers to my past. The few pictures that do remain are so precious to me and I take so much time with each and everyone of them. Sometimes I have a 2-page spread with just one picture that has been blown up and carefully cropped with a page of journaling. Jouraling which has involved hours of talking with my Mom and Dad-going over each detail until I have gotten every memory possible from them.

The importance of saving these memories has grown over the years with the lose of all my grandparents by the time I was 25. The fact that my beloved brother, Craig, was killed in an automobile accident when he was just 27 years old. He was a victim of a drunk driver and died just 3 weeks before I graduated from high school! In a few days it will be the one year anniversary of my sister Nancy's death from cancer!She was only 44 years old and she left behind 3 children:15, 17 and 20!!!

Now I feel the responsability to tell the story of my family--my incredible parents-who I love more with each passing year have been through so much!!! Every precious picture tells a story-my story-my families story-alive and gone-I will take this responsibilty to make the most of every memory, picture and memorbila. I will do this with pride and joy and BECAUSE I love my family!!
Isn't that what this is all about......LOVE!!!

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