Friday, March 9, 2001    


To show how much I treasure you.


I think I was scrapbooking long before I knew the terms archival safe, acid free, lignin free. I loved to place my photos in albums and write about the photo and what we were thinking and feeling during the occassion.Since we had our first child I have found it even more important.

I strive to remember and record every detail of her growing and am amazed at how quickly this happens.By scrapbooking and recording these precious moments I hope that one day my daughter will feel how much we have loved and cherished these special times with her.My mother has battled serious illness for over 20 years now and in scrapbooking I have found a way to show my child what a special person her grandmother is and a way of remembering their special and precious times together.

It's a way of ensuring that my daughter knows how hard her grandmother fought to be here to meet her and what an important thing the love of a family brings to our lives.I believe that by showing my daughter how worthwhile it is to record all of these times it will give her a sense of how loved she is and will be wonderful for her own self esteem.It has brought satisfaction to my own life in that I have communicated with other wonderful people who share the same feelings and thoughts.

My life has changed as I have met new friends and I am constantly thinking of new layouts. DMarie has been wonderful as it showcases great layouts and gives us all the opportunity to know that there are others who care about the same things. I'm sure that everybody is proud to show their layouts here as I plan to when I have a scanner. Scrapbooking and DMarie are great for building self esteem and I hope when my daughter is older that she enjoys looking here too.

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