Thursday, April 1, 1999    


Scrapbooking in Our Family

By:Debby F. (actually by my DS - 11 year old Matthew)

Scrapbooking is an important part of our family tradition because it is a great way to remember the past. We often look back on fun family memories that are found in the pages of our books. One example is I went to a school camp last week. I only get to go once in my lifetime. I am going to remember my trip because I took pictures and I will scrapbook them. I have been getting ready to go for almsot a month! My parents went to the same camp when they were in 6th grade, so I asked them about the camp. They hardly remembered anything. Besides because they are old, the other reason is that their parents didnt do scrapbooking. Because of that they didnt take lots of pictures. I now will be able to tell my future kids just about all they want to know about the camp.

I use to play soccer. My practices ended when my mom's scrapbooking class started. My mom would take me to her classes. I LOVED going. At Christmas that year my mom got me my first scrapbook. She also got me accessories for my book. I loved that present. After that I got better and better. About a month later at my mom's scrapbooking class some of the other ladies oo'd and aah'd at my pages. It felt good. Now I am glad my mom taught me to scrapbook.

One more good thing about scrapbooking is that you learn stuff you never knew. For example my great-grandma just moved into a retirement home. She had a whole lot of pictures that she didnt know what to do with. My mom took them. With my great-grandma's help we are finding out who is in each one of the really old pictures. My mom is gonna put them in one of her books. Because of this I now know ALOT more about my family's history. Thanks to pictures and SCRAPBOOKING.

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