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By:Lisa D.

I've been scrapbooking for almost 5 years now, and have always enjoyed designing and making pages for my family and my friends. I always thought what a great thing it was to have memories of everything from Christmas morning to just an everyday occurance that somehow was made special by a child saying something funny or just a beautiful sunny day. Scrapbooking makes it possiable to remember what really was going on the picture and recreate some of the feelings that were happening at the time.

When it really hit me how important scrapbooking really is, is when one of my closest and dearest friends of over 20 years lost her family in the Alaska Airlines Flight 261 last year. Janis lost her mother,her brother and sister-in-law and their beautful 4 month old daughter and her mother's companion on the flight coming home from celebrating her mother's birthday in Mexico. In one horriable unforseen swoop, her life was changed forever.

The night we flew back from the services in LA, she really wanted to go to her mother's house, just for some sence of comfort. We were talking and started to look for pictures for the newspaper articles that were being written. We found some boxes of her mother's pictures, pictures of her in Europe with some of her friends before she was married, giggling at something, standing next some stranger on a beach, or the picture of when she was a small girl standing outside of someone's house with her parents.There are picture's of Janis and her brother when they were little, places she doesn't remember,people she can't recall, These boxes so many pictures and memories, so many stories that went with them and many questions as to the who,what and where and why's, only sadly to be left unanswered because there is no writing or even order to them.

So, even though I have scrapped for 5 years, it wasn't until last year how important I found out it really is. It doesn't matter if you have the right paper, stickers or color scheme cordination or even the right pose in a picture, it's the words and what was so memorable that made you write about it. In situations like this, a book of someone's life memories and the stories that go with them, to have and keep in their hearts, makes life somewhat more healing.

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