Saturday, April 10, 1999    


Creating Bonds

By:Chris E.

My mother passed away when I was four, almost 24 years ago. I have very few memories of her and most of them are from stories other people have told me. While growing up and especially in my teen years, I was thrilled each time I found something of hers; for example: pictures, her yearbook or letters she had written.

These items gave me a glimpse of what she was like and also showed many ways we are the same. At these moments I felt a bond to her that I'm sure others feel with their living mothers. I started scrapbooking in high school (ten years ago) before it became popular and before I knew anything about acid & lignin. The reason I scrapbook is so that if anything were ever to happen to me, my family will have my life story and truly know me as a person not just a name on a family tree.

I also feel that even if I live to the ripe old age of 100, my scrapbooks will help my memory and always help me remember the important things in life such as family, love, friends, and fun. I am now in the process of converting all my old scrapbooks into new albums with all the right products so they can be preserved for many, many years.

I feel the time I put into my scrapbooking is helping to create bonds. Many traits are passed on from generation to generation and I hope my family will be able to create
bonds with me by looking through my scrapbooks.

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