Saturday, April 13, 2002    


Scrapbooking - More Than Just a Hobby

By:Kristin Keller

I scrapbook for so many reasons I don't think that I could even list them all. I do know that it is so important in my family and it really helps to pull us together.

My daughter was having a very difficult time with no longer being the only chid. She loved to scrapbook with me,so that is how we began to make sure that we could spend time with one another. I am able to share stories with her not only about pictures of her but also stories that are of me.

She loves to look at her album and the pages that we have completed, this is one way that she knows that she is still an important part of our family. Scrapbooking also teaches patience, especially when you are working with a seven year old who has very strong opinions.

My husband has even found himself getting sucked in. I think that eventually we will have the whole family involved and we with be spending quality time with each other as well as preserving memories for our families to come.

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