Tuesday, May 2, 2000    


Todd and Heidi

By:Penny M.

I have had a passion for scrapbooking for five or so years now. Noone has to convince me of the importance of preserving family memories. Then too, there is the fact that scrapbooking serves as a creative outlet for me. I truly enjoy working on our families albums.
But I would catch myself wondering from time to time if the albums themselves were really important to my children. Then I would hear my daughter, Heidi in her bedroom with one of her friends, laughing and giggling over album pages - remembering fun-filled times together, having a chuckle over how they looked and what they wore just a few years before.
One particular day convinced me for good that my efforts are appreciated by my children. I was scrapbooking with some friends and wanted to share an idea from my son Todd's scrapbook. It is important to say that Todd was a sophomore in college at the time. I looked in the usual place for his album without success. I looked in some rather out of the way places and still no album. I gave up the hunt, but the next time Todd called home from college I asked him about his album. I thought that he might remember where he had stashed it after enjoying it over the Thanksgiving holiday. To my total delight, he told me that he had his album with him at school. He wanted his friends to see it and he wanted to be able to enjoy it anytime. If a memory album means that much to a 19 year old "tough guy", it is totally worth doing. Keep on keeping on, ladies. It is worth the time and effort in every way!

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