Tuesday, May 27, 2003    


What do I like most about dMarie.com

By:Amy M.

I have been scrapbbooking for over 5 years now. As I look back, many times in horror at the "early layouts" I see how far I have come. My technique, my photography, my journaling has grown and changed. Back then, I was also fairly new to the computer, and dMarie.com was the first site I found that I would frequent every day. My DH would even ask me if I had a chance to look at dMarie because he would want to play fantasy-whatever-sport season it was and if I hadn't gotten my daily fill, he knew he was out of luck!

Fast forward 5 years. My layouts are much better (I would like to believe), we have been through 3 computers, many websites, and hours of surfing the net! And I always come back to dMarie. I don't shop too often on the internet, and as we all know, scrapbook sites where you can buy supplies from are a dime a dozen. I have only bought from dMarie because of the low prices and fast service! Luckily, there's also Mark, whom I just love to read his newsletters. They are so funny. I get a kick out of how supportive he is to his wife and their business.

So if I had to sum up what dMarie.com meant to me, I could do it one word: "HOME".

(Oh yeah, it's been years since I have sent in layouts and I am going to do that soon. The old ones are still in here somewhere!!)

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