Tuesday, June 10, 2003    


Bringing Pictures To Life

By:Sharon C.

I remember the day my sister brought me to the scrapbooking section of our local Michaels craft store. I though to myself, "I don't have time for this!"...but the more I thought about the mounds of pictures I had hidden away on my closet shelf, the more it seemed like a great way to showcase them. So I began a journey...as I mounted and glued and created and wrote down my thoughts, it became clear that I had unleashed an artistic side that I didn't realize I had! With each page, I felt pride and accomplishment, and I treasured the times when I could sit down and pour over my layouts and photos.

I began to think about the future, and what might interest my grandchildren and great-grandchildren as they flipped through my books. It was then that I realized how important scrapbooking is. Now, I no longer scrapbook just for myself. When I scrapbook, I think about how wonderful it will be when future generations turn the pages of my albums and read my heartfelt journaling, and see the love I had for my family, our daily lives, my hopes and dreams... It will bring my pictures to life, adding words to my photos when I am no longer around to describe them. My family will live on through my scrapbooks from generation to generation--what an awesome thought!!

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