Tuesday, June 4, 2002    


My Hero Lives the Importance of Scrapbooking

By:Donna D

I have a scrapbooking hero. Her name is Teri and she is my Creative Memories Consultant. But she is also a friend and an inspiration in many ways.

Teri has worked tirelessly to help us, her customers, reach our dreams of preserving our memories and leaving documentation of our families’ history. She keeps providing motivation, contests, incentives, help, advice, supplies, tools, scrapping space and partners. When we get discouraged that we will never catch up, she has an encouraging word and always gets us back in the saddle.

The amazing thing about Teri is that she has created beautiful books for her family and even about her own life, that are up-to-date, has a wonderful business, and is a great Mom to a beautiful little girl all while battling a serious illness. In spite of debilitating treatments, side effects of necessary drugs and the potential for depression related to her condition, Teri has volunteered in church, MOPS and helped others in need and always has a kind, warm attitude toward everyone God puts in her circle of influence.

Teri places a huge value on her daughter, affirming her in many ways. By photographing and scrapbooking special events and achievements, every day life, special Mother/daughter bonds and memories, family traditions, and journaling her life story she is leaving her a rich heritage and bolstering her self esteem. All of us think we will remember all the great stories but later, if we haven’t written them down, we are shocked to realize they are “gone!” Teri has kept up her albums with lots of journaling, saving the memories from being lost.

I want to thank Teri for her determination, her sweet faith in the Lord, and for keeping us on track in preserving history. Teri, you are a wonderful cheerleader AND example. God bless you.

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