FFFAQ (Friend Finder Frequently Asked Questions)
Will I show up in my own "Friends List"?

You're not supposed to be in your own list.  While it's remotely possible, you should not be on your own list.  If you see your own initial there, it could be someone else with the same initials.  Eerie, eh?

I see two people on my list with the same initials.  Is it the same person?

Probably not.  We remove duplicates from the list before presenting it.  Of course with the possibility of human cloning with advances in today's medical science now, who knows?

I've moved.  How do I update my information in the Friend Finder?

You're given the opportunity to update your information when you first register with the Friend Finder.  If you later move, simply email CustomerService@dMarie.com.

I'm afraid I'll show up as "Very Unlikely to Respond" when other people find me on their list!

Once you verify your email here, you're automatically elevated to "Very Likely to Respond" status and all the duties and responsibilities that go with it.  Of course, if you are unable to execute your duties, the runner up will step up and, oh, never mind, that's the Miss America pageant.

I'm a little embarrassed to write a letter to a stranger.  I think the person will be freaked out to get my message if they don't know anything about this service.

Fear not!   Your message will NEVER be delivered directly to the person you're attempting to contact.  Instead, what happens is that the person gets a message that tells them that "someone is trying to contact you via the dMarie Friend Finder."  They will receive instructions on how to register their own email address here, and everything is explained to them when they come to the site to retrieve your message.

I live in the middle of nowhere.  If you look out my window, it looks like the set from the Road Runner & Wile E Coyote cartoons.  There are cliffs everywhere and roads that lead right into the side of the cliff.  Will the friend finder work for me?

Of course it will!  You don't even need to call the Acme Company to order a giant spring or anything.  The Friend Finder will attempt to locate your nearest 20 friends, no matter how far away they might be.  Generally, we find friends who are very close, but if you're in a very rural area, we'll find somebody reasonably close.

Can I get a bigger list of friends (say, 30 instead of 20?)

At this point, no.  However, your list may grow automatically if you do not receive responses within 7 days.  Here's how it works:  when you attempt to contact someone who hasn't yet verified their email address, a clock starts ticking.  After 7 days, if the person has not been verified, they will drop off your list and will be replaced by a new friend.  If the person who dropped off the list does verify sometime in the future, they'll come back onto your list.

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