Remembering Littleton
By Nancy W-S, Laguna Beach, CA

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Events / Memorial

I did this for an email friend who just had to put down a 3-day old Jack Russell terrier - he had a cleft palate, and mama Rosie was trying to 'bury' him under a bed. My friend was so teary that they'd gotten so attached to him in just a few days. I wanted to do something that would help her remember even those few dear days and help get her through a dark time.

Here's her email, which I've duplicated on the left side of the layout (Rainbow Bridge is on the right):
We lost Littleton. I took the puppies to the vet today to get their tails docked. He examined them all, and Littleton had some severe problems. He was doing well until last night and would not eat much. He continued to decline. The vet examined him and found a cleft palate and some other problems. He is also somewhat retarded due to the misshapen head. He had improved from birth until last night when he started slipping.
The vet recommended we put him to sleep - and that's what we did. I cried all the way home from the vet's office. I can't believe how attached I had gotten to the little guy so quickly.
Lucy was sad and we all cried. We made a cross out of popsicle sticks and wrote his name on it. I even allowed Lucy to pick some of my petunias (under penalty that if she ever picks any again. . .), and we had a small funeral.
Littleton is buried under the pine tree in the back yard. I took a picture of Lucy putting flowers on his grave, and then one of the grave itself.
Rosie has not really seemed to miss him. The vet said that her behavior of trying to take him away (she kept him in her mouth and would try to put him and only him under Lucy's bed) seemed to indicate that she knew he was not well, and if she were in the wild - as her instincts tell her - she would have taken him off and abandoned him due to his not being able to survive. So I guess she knew before we did.
Lucy insisted on seeing him. The vet had taped up the box when he returned the little guy. So we had to open it, and we all petted him one last time. It has been a sad, sad day. Well, how I am crying again. Just wanted you to know. Thanks for the support and hugs.