Quilt Book - page07
By Leslie L.

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Events / Anniversary

This next section in the quilt-themed book included photos through the years of the girls in Christmas pajamas that my mom made. This page sets it up with a poem I wrote. On Christmas Eve the girls also got to open one present, which was their new pajamas. I had saved all of the pajamas, and I scanned them and printed out paper that matched the fabric. I used some of the scanned print paper to punch the hearts on this wreath. The poem reads:
On the night before Christmas at Mawmaw Mc's house
Three girls would wait, as quiet as a mouse,
To open a present--there'd only be one--
and when all the wrappings and bows were undone,
There'd be three smiling faces--never a frown--
For each had received a new Christmas gown.
Each year they got bigger, as little girls do, and
from gowns to pajamas then boxers, they grew.
But these photos preserve that holiday sight
When it was "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."