My accident (casting)
By Luann , Las Vegas, NV

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The following journaling is atached to the side with a page extender to provide extra journaling.

When I went to the doctor for the first time 3 weeks after surgery I got to see the wound for the first time. I had imagined one long scar running down my leg. I was happily surprised to see 5 small cuts, the largest about 3 inches long where they put in a 13 inch titanium rod. The others were for screws and plates to hold everything together. When I finally got a
permanent cast the doctor asked my Mom to help bend my ankle to put it into place. I think she enjoyed causing me pain. All my students had a great time signing my cast my life resumed as normal as can be without being able to drive or putting weight on one leg. Over the six weeks I became very adaptable and even was able to do laundry, shop (I loved the electric cart at Target), do dishes and even take a bath. I was very happy that I am a high school teacher and I just made my students be my slaves. I have to admit that I got quite spoiled with everyone doing things for me, but still drove them crazy by trying to do things I shouldn’t. I hated being dependent on others all of the time. For the first two weeks I could not even get myself food I had to be served.