Did you know ....
By Proud SeaBee Wife

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Here is the journalling:

Did you know ...

The 1 inch scar on the back of your head was from a nasty fall when you were 2? Just 11 days after we moved to Germany. You had to have stitches too.

When you were just a few months old, you said your first complete sentence? Only it was years later that dad and I figured out what that baby babble meant. “Dapeda” we later realized was something I constantly said to you ... “is that better?”

You have a birthmark on your head? It’s a raised, red strawberry on the back, under all that hair.

You were named after Daddy’s great grandma? Dani was a name mommy loved, and Ana was daddy’s great grandma’s name. We combined it into a one of a kind name.

Your sister, Britney, was afraid if you weren’t a boy, she’d have to become the fireman? At one point in her life, she was convinced that every family had to have one fireman in it. If you weren’t a boy, being the oldest, she knew she’d have to become the fireman.