Without you, I'd be lost
By Proud SeaBee Wife

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Events / Anniversary

I finished this layout quick today. Just a overlay LO. Super easy. I scraplifted the placement of everything (and the little hand made frame at the top) from someone else, although I have no clue who. Anyway, if it looks similar to a layout you did, I'd like to thank you. =)

Enjoy! This is a very recent picture of hubby and I and I LOVE IT (accept that darn glare on his glasses, and his pouty face). I think I like it so much because it's REAL difficult to get pictures of us together. We had to actually take this picture ourselves. LOL That's why he isn't smiling ... says he wasn't ready. LOL But I love it anyway!!!!

BTW, it scanned a little crooked, and the bottom got cut off just a tad.