My Nissan Titan
By Proud SeaBee Wife

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Places / Home Sweet Home

OMG I scrapped FOR ME for the first time in MONTHS!!!! I like how this turned out. It's going in my BOM. This is my new truck I got over TGing weekend. I used home made rub on's (for the words "in to drive") and I loved it!! It worked out great for me!!! Bottom inch got cut off. Enjoy!

Here's the journalling:

I'm just not your average, typical girl. Everyone who knows me can testify to that. I've wanted a full size truck ever since we sold our full size Chevy Blazer. I refused to settle on something that I just sort of liked, and everything I loved was way out of our price range. Until the weekend before Thanksgiving when Justin and I were out riding the motorcycle, and stopped at the Dodge dealer. Again, driving the Dodge just wasn't exactly what I wanted. I told Justin it just wasn't the one. It was missing so much of what I wanted in a truck. As I turned around, I saw this Nissan Titan sitting there. I've seen the commercials, but they started way out of our price range. To my amazement, I see $19,995 on the windshield. Immediately I headed over thinking "I wonder what's wrong with it". I look in the bed, and it's perfect. It's got the bed extender I wanted to haul the motorcycle. I get in and without even starting it, I knew that was the one!! Then it happened! Justin started it up and it growled. That was the end of it sitting at the Dodge dealer. 5 hours later we drove her home! I now have a perfect truck for me!