Race Face
By Proud SeaBee Wife

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Events / Sports

TFL ... here's the journalling: If anyone had ever told me a year ago that you'd be riding dirt bikes, I would have told them they were crazy and must not know my make-up & dress wearing, doll playing, very girly daughter. You're the kid you can send to school in all white, and you'll come home perfectly clean. You're the kid who with a speck of dirt on your hands is running for the soap and water. I was amazed that you took off a dress long enough to put on riding pants, and boots. Splashing through the mud on purpose? Never my Dani!! And then it happened. One day on the dirt bike and you were hooked. You're still my make-up and dress-up girl, but there is a secret "mud splashing, get down and dirty, pass your dad on a dirt bike" kid under all that make-up and dolls. I'm so glad you aren't afraid to be yourself. You aren't afraid to enter an arena that is dominated by boys. Some day you might win a world dirt bike race, and when you take off your helmet, shake your beautiful head, and bat those mascara eyes and everyone will say "Wow, that was a girl!".