By Proud SeaBee Wife

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Places / Misc. Places

This layout was inspired by another one I saw by Ladybugs999. Unfortunately, all I have is a screen name of this person. She has no e-mail or real name listed on her page where I saw it, so I was unable to let her know I somewhat cased her layout.

I also hope this doesn't offend anyone. LOL There are days I've told her I'm putting her up on ebay! LOL I just thought these two pictures were perfect for the ebay auction! LOL

Here's the journalling: (And by the way .... our last name really is FORD LOL)

For Sale
Nine year old Ford Sassy
Year: 1996 Make: Ford Model: Sassy
Goes from 0 to Full Attitude in 0.52 seconds flat.
62lb Hemi Engine, runs on peanut butter and milk
Collision Insurance Highly Recommended
Fully Loaded with High Decibel Bells and Whistles
Caution: Engine runs from sun up to sun down
Non refundable! Includes a year supply of Ovaltine
Ballerina Pink Trim Package not optional
100% Spirited, Entertaining, Spunky and Lovable
Price: Negotiable ~ Will consider trade