Why ....
By Proud SeaBee Wife

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Events / Military

Here is the journalling:

Why I do, what I do.

People ask me all the time how I go so long without Justin. How do I make it through all the deployments? They tell me I must be strong, and they could never do it. Well, as I sat here with yet another e-mail in front of me asking me how I do it, I started to think ... Let me tell you exactly why I do it. I do it because Justin is my whole reason for being the person I am today. Hes my everything. My strength. My soft place to fall. My best friend, and my reasoning when Im unreasonable. Hes everything I could ever want or need. He makes me smile when I think about him. Hes my warm conversation that I wouldnt miss for anything. Hes my arms wide open when I need a hug, and my stern reminder Im wrong, when I need one. Hes my cup of coffee in bed every morning, with little gentle kisses to wake me up before the sun comes up. Hes my safe haven. I can tell him anything and I know no matter how emotionally twisted it might be, hell love me anyway. Hes the voice on the phone that makes me light up because the first thing he says after I say hello is I love you. Hes the first person I think of when I wake up, and the last person I think of when I go to sleep. Hes the one I have the most fun with, and hes my biggest fan. He knows my strengths and my weaknesses. When Im feeling really dumb about something, he tells me how smart I am. I love the way he loves me. I know hed never hurt me. If I could dream up the perfect man for my own daughters to have as a husband, it would be Justin. Hes not perfect by any means, but hes perfect for me! I could only hope that someday my daughters meet and are loved by someone as much as I am by Justin. And this is why I do what I do. This is how I endure those many months alone. Its not easy, but it is easy to say Id do it 100 times more if I had to.