An Unexpected Addition
By Proud SeaBee Wife

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: People / Pets

Here is the journalling:

Are we crazy? Don't answer that! We already have 2 cats, and a dog on the downside of life. The military moves us every few years, and our animals are all world travelers, as we feel once we own them, they are family. We told each other no more animals until we are out of the military and settled. Well, that's when Chloe came into our life. Living on a military base you see some sad sights, but to us, this about topped the list. Some neighbors we actually considered friends, moved out of state, and left Chloe behind. Never having been an outside cat, she was frightened, hungry and abandoned. She didn't know us. Why did she pick my door step? There are hundreds of houses here. Why mine? I was feeding her outside for 2 or so months until I tracked down her previous owners and they coldly explained they didn't want her, nor had she ever been to the vet, which meant she was outside and not fixed. OH NO! The last thing I needed was to be responsible for a cat who was pregnant. So , I caught Chloe one night while she was eating, and the next day took her in to get fixed, for free through the Herman Bennett Foundation. I still hadn't decided exactly what to do from there. Justin was in Kuwait, and I knew how he felt about another pet. I came to the conclusion that we just really didn't need another animal. But, the fact stared me in the face that she needed us. Needless to say, I don't regret my decision one minute to keep her. She's happy, healthy and with a trip to the vet for shots and tests, and her new current weight of 12 pounds (and growing), she is a part of our family. She's not even 2 years old according to the vet, so she'll be with us a long long time! We love her so much!