School Stuff PP
By dMarie

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Miscellaneous / Pocket Pages

Materials: 2 scrapbook pages; 2 page protectors; die cuts; mounting tape or tape runner.Layout die cuts on 1 page following a semi-circle shape, overlapping these a bit. Lightly sketch the outline of the die cuts and set them aside. Using scissors or exacto knife follow the pattern you sketched, cutting away the upper edge. Reposition the die cuts and mount into place. Place the page protector on this sheet. Edge the back with tape or tape runner along jeeping on left and right sides. Also a third piece on bottom edge. On the second scrapbook page you will want to pick a complimentary color and mount it covering the top half of the page. With a page protector on the 2nd scrapbook page- align inside edges of both pages matching staples and jeeping exactly. Let the tape cure overnight before placing anything in this pocket page. NOTE: If you are using page protectors plan ahead. the back of the pocket page needs to be completed (a layout) before the 2 pages are joined together.