Zeke's Page
By Unknown Author

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Format: 8.5 x 11
Category: People / Pets


This page is a tribute to our dog
Zeke, and serves as an introduction to the book for our
new puppies, Bonnie & Bronco.

Here is the text:

When our beloved Zeke died at the venerable age of
16, we knew that one day we would have to have another
We decided to wait until we were settled in to our new
house, maybe about June or July.
One day in January of 1995, we went to a dog show just to
look around and get ready. We thought we might collect
phone numbers of breeders to call when the time came.
There weren't many Shelties there that day, but one
caught our eye. He wasn't in the show, but was walking
around with a woman. We saw him several times and thought
he was the best-looking dog we had seen since Zeke.
Finally we caught up with the woman and told her our
story. Her little Sheltie, Pilot, was a descendant of
Zeke. And she had three-wee-old puppies at home.
Of course, we weren't ready yet. But we could go and
look, couldn't we?