Mary Englebreit style corners
By Leisel C.

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Category: Miscellaneous / PunchArt

I know this isn't a layout, but I really liked how they turned out, and w/ the talk on the BB, I thought some of you might be interested. Corners are great, because you can put them on any size layout, 1 or 2 pages, w/o it being any more difficult.


For each corner you will need:
14 black sm. squares
2 yellow lg. circles
6 hot pink partial lg. circles (hint: to do these, punch one circle, then move the circle punch about 1/4" to one side and punch again.)
4 purple med. circles
4 hot pink sm. spirals
4 yellow sm. circles
4 purple 1/4" circles (1/8" would work, too)
4 green med. hearts

Glue black squares onto white cardstock in checkerboard pattern, leaving white in the corner. Trim around. Mount on red paper, trim around leaving about 1/8" margin.
Glue 3 partial hot pink circles onto yellow lg. circle, each about 1/3 distance around the circle from the next. Glue green hearts to back of yellow lg. circle w/ points outward for leaves.
Glue pink spirals to middle of purple circles... alternate directions.
Glue purple 1/4" circles to yellow sm. circles, offset.
Attach flowers to checkerboard, make them look a bit scattered, and let them hang over the edge of the checkerboard.