Shelly Hawk, Edwardsville, IL
Featured Layout Category
"Cow" Cream BarsSeasons/Summer
3rd GradePlaces/School
All the KidaHolidays/Halloween
BathtimePeople/Baby A to F
Brittani and her Teletubbies (Left)People/Children A to B
Brittani and her Teletubbies (Right)People/Children A to B
Brittani As A CowHolidays/Halloween
By the PoolSeasons/Summer
ChuckiePeople/Children C to G
First Cardinal Game (L)Events/Sports
First Cardinal Game (R)Events/Sports
Flowerpot Full of Brittani'sPeople/Children C to G
Funny FacesPeople/Children C to G
Grandma Sherry Loves ElmoPeople/Grandparents
Grandma's "Monkey" ChildrenPeople/Grandparents
Halloween 97 (1)Holidays/Halloween
Halloween 97 (2)Holidays/Halloween
Halloween 97 (3)Holidays/Halloween
Halloween 97 (4)Holidays/Halloween
Hearts GalorePeople/Baby G to M
I Love ElmoPeople/Children H to M
Left WaterSeasons/Summer
Let's Play (R)People/Children H to M
Let's ShopPeople/Children H to M
Lets Play (Left)People/Children H to M
Playing in the Leave (page 3)Seasons/Fall
Playing in the Leaves (page 1)Seasons/Fall
Playing in the Leaves (page 2)Seasons/Fall
Playing with RingsPeople/Baby N to Z
Right WaterSeasons/Summer
Sittin' On Santa's LapHolidays/Christmas N to Z
Sleepy, SleepyPeople/Baby N to Z
The stockings were hung.... (right)Holidays/Christmas N to Z
The stockings were hung....(Left)Holidays/Christmas N to Z
Wee WeePeople/Children T to Z

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