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"1920 - Pergamano Frame"Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1900's - 01Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1900's - 02Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1900's - 03Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1900's - 04Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1900's - 06Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1910 - 01Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1930's - 03Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1930's - 04Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1930's - 05Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1930's - 07Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1930's - 08Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1950'sMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1950's -01Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1950's -02Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1950's -03Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1960'sMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1960's - 02Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1960's - 04Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
1960's - 05Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Cruise Down The Rhine, GermanyPlaces/Vacations
Cutting the CakeEvents/Wedding
Gio meets family LPeople/Misc. People
Gio meets family RPeople/Misc. People
Hong KongPlaces/Vacations
In Italy LEvents/Military
In Italy REvents/Military
Lake Como, Italy LPlaces/Vacations
Lake Como, Italy RPlaces/Vacations
Moorea (L)Places/Vacations
Moorea (R)Places/Vacations
Our WeddingEvents/Wedding

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