V. A. Hertel, Hays, KS
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"new" carsPeople/Misc. People
Angel TreeHolidays/Christmas A to C
Best ManPeople/Friends
Birdhouses (L)Places/Home Sweet Home
Birdhouses (R)Places/Home Sweet Home
Bridal Shower--page 1Events/Wedding
Bridal Shower--page 2Events/Wedding
Choosing the Dress--page 1Events/Wedding
Choosing the Dress--page 2Events/Wedding
Construction WorkPlaces/Home Sweet Home
Construction Work (R)Places/Home Sweet Home
Country GalsPlaces/Home Sweet Home
Cousins (page 1)People/Friends
Cousins (page 2)People/Friends
Down on the Farm (page 1)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Down on the Farm (page 2)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Engagement AnnouncementEvents/Misc. Events A to M
Frostys TreeHolidays/Christmas D to M
Giebler Family GrowsMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Grandma's Kitchen (page 1)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Grandma's Kitchen (page 2)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Grandpa and Grandma's 25th AnniversaryMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Grandpa and Grandma's 50th AnniversaryMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Grandpa and Grandma's EngagementMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Grandpa and Grandma's WeddingMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Great Grandpa Giebler obituaryMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Hanging Out With SantaHolidays/Christmas D to M
Hillbilly BandMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Homecoming 1993Events/Anniversary
Lazy DaysSeasons/Summer
Let's DancePeople/Friends
Matron of HonorPeople/Friends
Mike and MichellePeople/Friends
Perfect Harmony (page 1)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Perfect Harmony (page 2)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Pickin' Pumpkins (page 1)Seasons/Fall
Pickin' Pumpkins (page 2)Seasons/Fall
Picnic at the Farm (l)Places/Home Sweet Home
Picnic at the Farm (r)Places/Home Sweet Home
Played CardsPlaces/Home Sweet Home
Played Cards (L)Places/Home Sweet Home
Prom 1994Events/Anniversary
Prom 1994Events/Misc. Events N to Z
Prom 1995 (page 1)Events/Misc. Events N to Z
Prom 1995 (page 2)Events/Misc. Events N to Z
Remembering Bygone Days (L)Events/Anniversary
Remembering Bygone Days (Rl)Places/Home Sweet Home
Riding HorsesEvents/Anniversary
RosesPlaces/Home Sweet Home
Stitched TogetherPeople/Friends
Sweetheart DanceEvents/Birthday A to F
Sweetheart Dance (page 1)Events/Misc. Events N to Z
Sweetheart Dance (page 2)Events/Misc. Events N to Z
The Beauty of Fall (page 1)Seasons/Fall
The Beauty of Fall (page 2)Seasons/Fall
TurtlesPeople/Misc. People
You are my Sunshine Places/Home Sweet Home

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