Megan S. Florida
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Getting into thingsEvents/Anniversary
Cole's 1st Birthday (L)Events/Birthday A to F
Cole's First Birthday (R)Events/Birthday A to F
Cole-1 year (R)Events/Birthday A to F
Early Birthday-LeftEvents/Birthday A to F
Early Birthday-RightEvents/Birthday A to F
Jordan's 6th Birthday (L)Events/Birthday G to Z
Jordan's 6th Birthday (R)Events/Birthday G to Z
Payton's 2nd Birthday (L)Events/Birthday G to Z
Payton's 2nd Birthday (R)Events/Birthday G to Z
Pregnancy TimelineEvents/Misc. Events N to Z
Cole's First ChristmasLHolidays/Christmas A to C
Cole's First ChristmasRHolidays/Christmas A to C
Our Christmas 2003Holidays/Christmas N to Z
Easter '99Holidays/Easter
Father's DayLeftHolidays/Father's Day
Father's DayRHolidays/Father's Day
First Mother's DayHolidays/Mother's Day
Baby FoodPeople/Baby A to F
Beautiful ChildPeople/Baby A to F
Black & WhiteLPeople/Baby A to F
Black & WhiteRPeople/Baby A to F
Cole (9 Mos.)People/Baby A to F
Cole-3 monthsPeople/Baby A to F
Cole-4 MonthsPeople/Baby A to F
Cole-4 monthsRPeople/Baby A to F
Cole-Title PagePeople/Baby A to F
First BathPeople/Baby A to F
Going to the parkPeople/Baby G to M
I'm growingPeople/Baby G to M
Love to playPeople/Baby G to M
Mother & SonPeople/Baby G to M
My Favorite ThingsPeople/Baby G to M
My ToesPeople/Baby G to M
My high chairPeople/Baby N to Z
Seven monthsPeople/Baby N to Z
Six Months Old-LPeople/Baby N to Z
Six Months Old-RPeople/Baby N to Z
Sleepy ColePeople/Baby N to Z
SmilesLPeople/Baby N to Z
SmilesRPeople/Baby N to Z
Stayin' coolPeople/Baby N to Z
Sweet Baby ColePeople/Baby N to Z
Tiny Little FingersPeople/Baby N to Z
Twinkle, twinklePeople/Baby N to Z
At the parkPeople/Children A to B
Candy CanePeople/Children C to G
Cole (8 Mos.)People/Children C to G
Cole-10months BWPeople/Children C to G
Cole-11monthsPeople/Children C to G
CousinsPeople/Children C to G
Cute In OverallsPeople/Children C to G
First Haircut (L)People/Children C to G
First Haircut (R)People/Children C to G
Foot Bath With DaddyPeople/Children C to G
Read To MePeople/Children C to G
I'm getting cuterPeople/Children H to M
I'm Watching YouPeople/Children H to M
Little Cutie-BWPeople/Children H to M
Mirrow, MirrorPeople/Children H to M
Mommy's Little BoyPeople/Children H to M
Peanut Butter & JellyPeople/Children N to S
Playing in the GrassPeople/Children N to S
Playing Outside-LeftPeople/Children N to S
Playing Outside-RightPeople/Children N to S
Rub-a-dubPeople/Children N to S
So Big-bwPeople/Children N to S
So Happy TogetherPeople/Children N to S
So SleepyPeople/Children N to S
Uh-Oh CheerioPeople/Children T to Z
Our FamilyPeople/Misc. People
The Beach-LeftPlaces/Misc. Places
The Beach-RightPlaces/Misc. Places
Green Meadows-LPlaces/Zoo
Playing in the LeavesSeasons/Fall
Summer & Sweet CornSeasons/Summer
Winter WonderlandSeasons/Winter

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