BBricker, Springfield, MO
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Corn Maze (L)Seasons/Fall
Corn Maze (R)Seasons/Fall
Deerfield Beach, FloridaPlaces/Beach
Deerfield Beach, Florida (R)Places/Beach
Grand Cayman (L)Places/Vacations
Grand Cayman (R)Places/Vacations
Hat Party (L)People/Friends
Hat Party (R)People/Friends
I love my bulldog (R)People/Pets
I love my bulldogPeople/Pets
Playing at the park (L)Places/Park
Playing at the park (R)Places/Park
Pumpkin Patch (L)Seasons/Fall
Pumpkin Patch (R)Seasons/Fall
Snow Angels (L)Seasons/Winter
Snow Angels (R)Seasons/Winter
Soccer (L)Events/Sports
Soccer (R)Events/Sports
Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island (L)Places/Vacations
Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island (R)Places/Vacations
Track and Field (L)Events/Sports
Track and Field (R)Events/Sports
Wrestling (L)Events/Sports
Wrestling (R)Events/Sports

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