Dylon's Hospital Stay (D)
By Amy R.

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and here is the rest of the story......

I decided to put the pulse ox on him just to make sure he was doing ok. It was reading in the low 90’s and high 80’s, which was not good. I went ahead and put on the home oxygen I have and called the Doctor. He said that it could be just his sore throat and being tired. But after lunch he was requiring even more oxygen so I called Dr. Davis back and told him I was bringing Dylon in for him to take a listen. He heard some upper respiratory stuff going on so we took a x-ray to just make sure. After the third x-ray Dr. Davis said he could see a lot of pneumonia and he thought it was time for us to go to Little Rock!

Thursday night, February 11, 1999, at 8 o’clock we entered the ER at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, in Little Rock, Arkansas. We sat in the waiting room until around 9:30. I told the nurse out front that we were going to have to have more oxygen or go back really soon. In minutes a nurse came out with an oxygen tank. She took one look at Dylon and said, “Why don’t you just come on back?” She checked his pulse ox and found it low already. By the time got to our room, on 4 Neuro, it was one a.m. and Dylon was on 3 liters of oxygen.

Friday, February 12, 1999 (Day 2) things seemed to go pretty well. He is holding his own at 3 liters; he tried to play some but was just too weak. Considering that during all previous admissions he was rushed to PICU the next morning, we thought this was great.

Saturday, February 13, 1999 (Day 3) Dylon seems to be having a hard time recovering from several coughing sprees. His pulse ox seems to drop but as the coughing stops it comes back up. Later that night he begins coughing more and more with not enough time in between to recover.