Dylon's Hospital Book (M)
By Amy R.

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Format: 8.5 x 11
Category: Events / Misc. Events A to M

The Dog Mussel

Friday, March 19, 1999 (Day 37) was the big day again. Dylon had now been on a ventilator for a total of 34 days. The doctors say it is time to try again. When we went in that morning I found out that they had to go up on his oxygen during the night. I had an uneasy feeling about the extubation since he had been on the same amount of oxygen all week and then they had to go up. What if something new was starting? I talked with the Doctor on call. She felt everything was going to be ok. Then I talked to Dylonís doctor and he felt everything would be fine to go ahead. Since I still was not one hundred percent sure myself I was going to talk to Dr. Green after rounds. I wanted to see if he thought we should wait at least one more day, just to make sure.
Well! They extubated him during rounds! I never got a chance to talk to Dr. Green. He decided that our best chance this time was to go straight to the BiPap machine and wean from it. I hate this machine! It looks like a dog muzzle to me. But he said that hopefully tomorrow we could try him on an oxygen mask again and see how he does.
I was sitting in PICU with Dylon at lunchtime and my Mother walks in and tells me my Dad just called and I need to go call the police. My car has been found in North Little Rock.