Dylon's Hospital Book (O)
By Amy R.

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Format: 8.5 x 11
Category: Events / Misc. Events A to M

During this time Dylon and I receive so many cards from Internet friends and e-mail messages that people were praying for us. I know that God has taken over and that the prayer chains are being answered.

Finally things are starting to be get back to normal. Dylon did a few days of sprints on the C-Pap and the doctors say he may even have to go home with C-Pap at night. But the nurse, respiratory therapist and I notice that he does so much better the hours he is not on it. So the doctors give the ok to leave him off and do a blood gas in four hours to make sure he is going to be ok on a mask alone. Well, that gas is sort of borderline so they wait and do another one at midnight and it is fine. He is off C-Pap! The next day the respiratory therapist changes him from the mask to nasal cannuals, and it looks more like my old Dylon is back. He starts getting more and more active. I can tell he is still very weak so I let him play with his toys for short periods of time, and he loves it.

The doctors say it is time for Dylon to move upstairs. I hate this time. I know he is better or they would not let him go upstairs but after 40 days in PICU the floors are so different. I always fear that something will be overlooked, he will have a relapse and have to go through everything again. So I am pretty picky about where I want him to go. Four Neuro is my only choice. Dylon has been on that floor a lot and the nurses know him and so does respiratory. The hospital is pretty full so it takes three days to get the room I want. But that was ok with me, because that was three more days that he got one on one with his nurse to make sure everything was ok.

It also gave all of the doctors and nurses a chance to see Dylon more like his old self. They have seen a sick, sick baby for all of these days and they enjoyed playing with him and watching him play with his toys.