By By Diane Y., Aloha, OR

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Format: 8.5 x 11
Category: People / Baby G to M

The box in the lower left corner didn't scan well, but reads "The photo to the right shows just how little your hand were in comparison to mine the day you were born. The ring on your pinkie is the birthstone ring that Daddy and Grant bought for me the morning you were born so I would have a complete set. The rings that represent you and Grant are on a necklace in between rings that represent your Daddy and Mommy. While you don't understand it now, I wear it for you and Grant as a constant reminder that we will both surround you with ever lasting love and devotion."

Purple card stock, Font is "monotype corsiva", flowers are clip are from the web and photos are mounted on black card stock and white paper is cut with pinking (zigzag) scissors.

We didn't know the meaning of her name (we didn't even know it had a meaning since it was virtually unheard of - at least until we had her, now it is more common), but I found it on a website and thought it would make interesting information for her name page.