By By Diane Y., Aloha, OR

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Format: 8.5 x 11
Category: People / Baby G to M

I know a lot of kids don't like hand-me-downs ~ I sure didn't. However,I was lucky enough to have 3 of the outfits I wore as a baby saved for me over the years. This page show both myself and my daughter wearing the same light blue baby dress and although you can't see them, we are also wearing the same plastic "ruffle butt" bloomers that you used to get with most little girls dresses. I am in the upper corner at 4 months and my daughter McKenna is the larger photo at 2 months (the photos are a bit blurrier than I would prefer because I enlarged them on the computer and used these computer generated photos to get the photos to the size I needed). The biggest difference between my daughter and myself when trying to make sure this photo was taken is the difference our sizes at 2 & 4 months. If I hadn't taken the photo of her a 2 months, I would have lost the opportunity because I was just over 5 lbs at birth and she was just under 9 lbs at birth, so even though she was too little to understand our requests for her to "smile", I made sure to have her photo taken in my dress anyway. It is now safely tucked away in her baby box, along with the other two ~ in hopes that she may one day have a baby girl of her own to pass them onto.

The sqare and oval were done with a 'frame' template on the Accu-Cut machine at the local craft store, the flowers are all clip art from the net, the font is "Libby Script 2" and I used Fiskars "Colonial" Scissors around the journaling.