Nat'l Scrapbook Day 2000
By Helena J.

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Miscellaneous / dMarie All-Stars

This page is dedicated to three wonderful dMarie ladies who sent me a special treat for the ocassion of my first visit to a real live scrapbook store. We've been in Newfoundland for three years and I have to get all my supplies long-distance, but in May we were able to visit my family in Ohio (the first time we'd been off the island since we got here) and I got to go to TWO local stores. Yippee!
DH went to a couple of demos with me and took notes for his dissertation. I made the dog paper-doll-chain in a class, so I included that on the layout. (It's of my sister's dog Angie).
We also got to visit Lissa (not on National Scrapbook Day, but I put it on the same page anyway) and DH interviewed her. That's her in pink.