(NFLD) Bay Bulls Iceberg (1)
By Helena J.

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Format: 12 x 12
Category: Places / Misc. Places

This lovely iceberg grounded just outside of Bay Bulls in May 2000 (actually it came down while we were in Ohio--we were glad it was still here when we came back). We went to see it on June 2. I guessed it was about a hundred feet tall (the part sticking out of the water) but it was so hard to tell--you can't really get any sense of perspective).
I got the title from "Written Letters" by Jacqueline Svaren (uncial hand, I think). I scanned them out of the book and cut them out of paper.
The blues (ballluuuueees) are all from CTMH, and the torn ground is Canson (sand and ivy, if I'm not mistaken)