By Stacy - Germany (until 2002)
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2000 FourthHolidays/Fourth of July
2000 Halloween (1)Holidays/Halloween
2000 Halloween (2)Holidays/Halloween
2000 July thHolidays/Fourth of July
2001 4th of July (side 1)Holidays/Fourth of July
2001 Garmisch Vacation (1)Places/Vacations
2001 Garmisch Vacation (2)Places/Vacations
A Mother's LoveHolidays/Mother's Day
A Walk in the WoodsSeasons/Fall
A walk in the woodsSeasons/Fall
All About Me Layout (L)People/Misc. People
All About Me Layout (R)People/Misc. People
Another Summer LayoutSeasons/Summer
Artwork page 1People/Children A to B
Artwork page 2People/Children A to B
At the Lake 1Places/Camping/Fishing
At the lake 2Places/Camping/Fishing
At the park SIDE 1Places/Misc. Places
At The Park SIDE 2Places/Park
Aunt JolienePeople/Misc. People
Autumn In the Air (1)Seasons/Fall
Autumn In the Air (2)Seasons/Fall
Baby DaniPeople/Baby A to F
Barbie CamPeople/Children A to B
Basket of LoveHolidays/Easter
Beary ChristmasHolidays/Christmas A to C
Beautiful #1People/Children A to B
Beautiful #2People/Children A to B
Benches in Switzerland (1)Places/Vacations
Benches in Switzerland (2)Places/Vacations
Best FriendsPeople/Friends
Black Forrest (1)Places/Vacations
Black Forrest (2)Places/Vacations
Bowling Birthday #1Events/Birthday A to F
Bowling Birthday #2Events/Birthday A to F
Bridge at Garmisch (2)Places/Vacations
Bridge at Garmish (1)Places/Vacations
Britney's Title PageMiscellaneous/Title Pages
ButterFly People/Children A to B
Camping in Germany (1)Places/Camping/Fishing
Camping in Germany (2)Places/Camping/Fishing
Cat food mishapPeople/Children C to G
Christmas 2000Holidays/Christmas A to C
Christmas 2000 (1)Holidays/Christmas A to C
Christmas 2000(2)Holidays/Christmas A to C
COUSINSPeople/Children C to G
Daddy MomentsPeople/Parents
Daddy's ShoesPeople/Children C to G
Dancin' Cheek to CheekEvents/Misc. Events A to M
DaniPeople/Baby A to F
Dani & Uncle BrianHolidays/Valentine's Day
Dani - April 2001People/Children C to G
Dani's 4th B-dayEvents/Birthday A to F
Dani's 4th BirthdayEvents/Birthday A to F
Disney Paris (2)Places/Theme Parks A to L
Disney Paris (3)Places/Theme Parks A to L
Disney Paris (4)Places/Theme Parks A to L
Disneyland Paris 5Places/Theme Parks A to L
Downtown Stuttgart, GermanyPlaces/Misc. Places
Easter 2001Holidays/Easter
Easter 2001 (B/Shots) (L)Holidays/Easter
Easter 2001 (B/Shots) (R)Holidays/Easter
Erdbeere Pickin'Seasons/Summer
Europa Park (L)Events/Anniversary
Europa Park (R)Events/Anniversary
Fall 2000Holidays/Halloween
Fall 2000Seasons/Fall
Fishin' (L)Places/Camping/Fishing
Fishin' (R)Places/Camping/Fishing
Fishing #1Places/Camping/Fishing
Fishing #2Places/Camping/Fishing
Ford's Heritage AlbumMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Ford's Heritage albumMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Ford's Heritage bookMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Ford's Heritage PagesMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
FWING Places/Park
Garmisch, GermanyPlaces/Misc. Places
Garmisch, GermanyPlaces/Misc. Places
GIFT for a friend (L)People/Baby G to M
GIFT for a friend (R)People/Baby G to M
Grandpa's HouseMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Great GrandpaPeople/Grandparents
Handful of FallSeasons/Fall
High School Dance #1People/Children H to M
High School Dance #2People/Children H to M
Home (until 2002)Places/Home Sweet Home
Isn't This Easter?Holidays/Easter
Isn't This Easter?Holidays/Easter
Kosovo (1)Events/Anniversary
Kosovo (1)Events/Military
Kosovo (2)Events/Military
Kosovo (2)Events/Military
Lady and the TrampPeople/Pets
Learning To TiePeople/Children T to Z
Mom in High SchoolMiscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Mommy and MePeople/Children H to M
My Little PatriotHolidays/Fourth of July
Nordlingen, Germany (1)Places/Vacations
Nordlingen, Germany (2)Places/Vacations
Our Christmas AngelHolidays/Christmas A to C
Paper Tearing (1)Places/Misc. Places
Paper Tearing (2)Places/Misc. Places
Paris Disney (1)Places/Theme Parks A to L
Pedallin' (1)Places/Camping/Fishing
Pedallin' (1)Places/Camping/Fishing
pedallin' (2)Places/Camping/Fishing
Pedallin' (2)Places/Camping/Fishing
Peek a booPlaces/Vacations
Plum Cute #1Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Plum Cute #2Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Plum Cute (1)Events/Anniversary
Plum Cute (1)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Plum Cute (2)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Plum Cute (2)Miscellaneous/Heritage Pages
Poinsettia #1Holidays/Christmas N to Z
poinsettia #2Holidays/Christmas N to Z
Pool 1Places/Pool
Pool 2Places/Pool
Pumpkin Carving 2001Holidays/Halloween
Pumpkin Patch (1)Holidays/Halloween
Pumpkin Patch (2)Holidays/Halloween
Pumpkin Patch 2001Holidays/Halloween
Road Trip ContestEvents/Sports
Scotland (1)Events/Military
Scotland (1)Places/Vacations
Scotland (2)Events/Military
Scotland (2)Places/Vacations
Shades (1)People/Children N to S
Shades (2)People/Children N to S
Shadow Day with DadHolidays/Father's Day
Shwabish Hall (Germany)Places/Camping/Fishing
Simple FallSeasons/Fall
Sisterly Love #1People/Misc. People
Sisterly Love #2People/Misc. People
Sisterly Love side 1People/Misc. People
Sisterly Love SIDE 2People/Misc. People
SistersPeople/Children N to S
Sittin' with SantaHolidays/Christmas N to Z
Smores #1Places/Camping/Fishing
Smores #2Places/Camping/Fishing
Snow Much Fun (LEFT/1)Seasons/Winter
Snow Much Fun (RIGHT/2)Seasons/Winter
Strawberry Pickin' #1Places/Misc. Places
Strawberry Pickin' #2Places/Misc. Places
Stuttgart, Germany (3)Places/Misc. Places
Stuttgart, Germany (4)Places/Misc. Places
Summer in Germany #1Seasons/Summer
Summer in Germany (2)Seasons/Summer
Summer MomentsSeasons/Summer
Summer MomentsSeasons/Summer
Summer Sun #1Seasons/Summer
Summer Sun #2Seasons/Summer
Teen Wish 1People/Children C to G
Teen wish 2People/Children C to G
The Maid is inPlaces/Home Sweet Home
To Be A ChildSeasons/Fall
Under Cover #2People/Children T to Z
Undercover #1People/Children T to Z
Walking with Grammy #1People/Grandparents
Walking with Grammy #2People/Grandparents
Wiener MobilePlaces/Misc. Places
Zoo #1Places/Zoo
Zoo side 2Places/Zoo
Zugspitz (Germany) 1Places/Vacations
Zugspitz (Germany) 2Places/Vacations
Zurich #1Places/Vacations
Zurich #2Places/Vacations
Zurich, Switzerland (1)Places/Vacations
Zurich, Switzerland (2)Places/Vacations

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