Saturday, February 10, 2001    


Scrapbooking in style

By:Carol B

I have to admit that I am an older person compared to most of the other people at the crop classes. I went to one of the classes to see what they had to offer and realized that I had at least 12 years of bowling pictures with all my friends all over the U.S. What a better way to display them then in a album. All the women were in awe. I was so
proud of what I had done.

My next album was to take all of the black and white photos of my family that were already
deceased and create an album with all of the children. It was a tear jerker at times but also was well rewarding.

I never considered myself very talented but with the help of the other women at the classes and people helping me to pick materials that would do the job, I began to realize how much fun and enjoyment this was to to. What a better way to keep photos. Everyday I log onto DMarie to look at the layouts and print out the ones that apply to what I am doing at the time. Sometime I look at the new merchandise to see it I need to buy something new to try out.

I hope to do several more albums. I've done 4 in all and now am working on one of the grandchildren. It gives me something to do that is fun and enjoyable and nice to look at.


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