Wednesday, February 12, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important?

By:"Just when you thought I had fallen off the face of the earth" Pammie Ü

Recently while scrapping stuff for lss I was given an old suitcase full of OLD OLD photos....weddings, candids, vacation shots.... you name it it was there. I was to use these photos for the sample layouts. I saved one of the larger photos of a LARGE wedding party..... here is the journaling that I included in the layout which will become part of an "ALL about Me" album for my kids.

"The photo on the left is one that was 'recovered' from a suitcase full of OLD photos from a gentleman who was retiring to a community living home. He is in his 90's and no longer remembers any of the people in this or any of the other photos. I did samples for the lss using a variety of photos from this awesome stash. This one I kept as a reminder of what I do with scrapbooking and WHY I do it.

The journalling reads:

This photo is the very reason I scrapbook. A long forgotten memory locked away in a suitcase, eventually saved by a stranger. Someone once knew these people…they were important to them, their lives, ambitions and dreams.

Were these people married long, did they have grandchildren that wonder today how they looked & what they dreamed of? Did they farm, were they blue collar workers, did they travel to foreign and exotic locals.

Forgotten with time is not how I want my precious memories to become. So I crop, paste and embellish my photos, journal my stories and capture every precious moment for my children and future generations so that they may know the people, values and dreams that I hold dear.

I am adding this photo to my memories as a reminder that what I hope to do is create a lasting legacy of love for those I love…and not allow this photo or my memories to be forgotten. "
January 2003

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