Sunday, February 14, 1999    


A Scrapbook for My Sister

By:Michelle R.

Long before I knew about scrapbooking I kept my pictures in what my family called the brown picture box. This box was an old cardboard box that held hundreds of pictures just jumbled up in a big pile. These pictures were very special to me because they were all I had left of my dad who died in a car accident in 1978 when I was seventeen.

Being the first born there were quite a few pictures of me and my mom and dad and grandparents, etc. I have two sisters and one brother, sadly with each birth of a new child fewer pictures were taken. One day my sister who lives in Virginia Beach was home for a visit. She asked me for the big brown box of pictures. Being such a wonderful sister I went right upstairs and got my new acid free brown box of pictures.

My sister was in a sad mood, things were not going so great in her life. She began to look through the pictures and crying to me said, "Why are there no pictures of Daddy holding me ?" We looked and looked and we could not find one picture of Daddy holding my sister. She then cried harder and said that she didn't have any pictures of us when we were little and she missed looking at them. Right then I knew what her Christmas present was going to be - an album.

I headed out to the local Kodak Picturemaker and proceeded to spend lots of money (too much!!!) but I didn't care my sister was worth it. I have never enjoyed scrapping as much as I did those few nights before Christmas that I completed her album. While looking for some wrapping paper I came across some more old pictures that I had forgotten about. There was a picture of my dad holding my sister in the swimming pool. I was delighted to find it and I knew I had one more page to put in her album.

The very last page holds the picture of my dad holding my sister and the journaling on the page reads, "Yes Meg there is a picture of Daddy holding you". When she opened her album she was very surprised and cried a bucket of tears. Scrapbooking means the world to me because it is something unique that we can give of ourselves to our families and our friends.

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