Thursday, February 15, 2001 a Scrapbookers heaven!

By:Jennifer Cox is a scrapbookers heaven for many reasons. It is too hard to decide what I like best about dMarie as I like so many things about the website. One of my favorite things about is that they have so many products all in one place. I find it very easy to lose track of the time while shopping

I think has the best website layout on the internet for scrapbook supplies. Everything you are looking for is easy to find, and the pictures and descriptions make the shopping experience just like the real thing.

The best part of the shopping experience is receiving that priority mail package on your doorstep just a couple days after ordering. has the fastest service of any company on the internet that I have ever tried. I always anxiously await the arrival of my package, and it always shows up a day sooner than I anticipate.

A definite plus is that the site tells you if an item is out of stock and won't let you order it. It can be very frustrating when a company accepts your order and you receive your package only to find that some of your items are not there and won't be for weeks to come.

Another wonderful feature of is that it is not just a store. They offer many other ammenities including several links to getting new ideas. I like to use it to search for title ideas and poems. The bulletin boards are excellent sources for various scrapbook related things as well. I recently was looking for ideas for games to play at a crop with my cousins and turned to dMarie for some inspiration. I found an idea for Scrapbook Scavenger hunt which I used and the game was a big hit! I am always in charge of the games at our crops so I try to find new unique games that relate to scrapbooking. has definitly made a difference in my scrapbooking. I love this website!

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