Tuesday, February 16, 1999    


Scrapbooks - a Timeless Treasure

By:Terry P.

How old will we be when we are in heaven? That's one of those questions children ask that we have no answer for. We can tell them that God is timeless, that he doesn't live in a body like we do, and heaven will be like that. But for right now we live in a thing called time that never stops. And we never stop growing or growing older.

We do some of the most wonderful things trying to stop time. We record our feelings and stories in journals. We measure children. We reminisce. We live "in the moment." And we take photographs...

That baby in a tee shirt and diaper riding in a wagon - she's got hair like a dandelion! But look - she's not a baby at all. She's eleven now and she rides a bike like nobody's business.

The baby boy who can't sleep unless he is resting on my chest is out there playing basketball with his father!

Then there is the grandmother who always threatens to dip us in a bucket of Chlorox to get us clean. She is in a nursing home and doesn't know our names. Her husband, the boy in overalls proudly holding up a big fish, is the only one who has succeeded in stopping time. For he is in heaven, that timeless place where God is.

There is only one other place where the boy is the man, the baby the mother, the child the grandparent. And that is a scrapbook. Why do I love scrapbooking? Because it's making a little bit of heaven while I'm here on the earth.

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