Sunday, February 16, 2003    


I'm living in a box, but my scrapbooks look good!

By:Elizabeth S.

Or, how has scrapbooking changed my life..

Well, before I discovered scrapbooking, I had an apartment, clothes that didn't have air conditioning holes, hot meals, and running water. Now with all the neat things to buy, I had to choose: shelter vs. scrap crap. Hmmnn...not a hard choice. I got the biggest refrigerator box I could, then stacked another on top of it..made a sort of "townhouse" effect..then used some of my patterned paper to wallpaper it. My Archival Mist makes for excellent self defense, in the event that the other scrapbook-crazed women on my corner try to "borrow" yet another cup of eyelets.

It gets kind of cold at night, but it's all okay. I sit covered in my blanket of fibers and scrapbook by the light of my battery powered light, and I'm a-ok!

disclaimer: I am extremely tired..and loopy..and sarcastic by nature. I don't really live in a box..a small home that some may CALL a box, but.. :)

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