Monday, February 17, 2003    


How Scrapping Keeps me Sane!!

By:Doree, OH

A friend got me into scrapbooking before I was married when I lived in FL. I used to collect stickers and that was the initial draw to it (she was a co-worker and I noticed her looking through a sticker catalog one day).

Scrapbooking was the thing that kept me happy while my fiance was out on weekends playing tennis or golf. Shortly after we were married we moved to NC where we didn't know anyone and I used scrapbooking to make friends (I took classes and then worked at the LSS). Now we have recently moved to OH and I have met more scrappers!

It seems that people that scrapbook are extra friendly and fun and with the love of scrapbooking in common friendships form fast and strong. We are now considering moving again (my husband's career is taking off - yeah more scrapbooking supplies!!) and I know I will be fine anywhere that has scrapbookers! I guess you could say SBking has been my best friend through 3 states!!

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