Sunday, February 18, 2001    


Scrapper's Anonymous

By:Carrie Cogar

From the moment I first discovered scrapbooking supplies and bought what I thought I needed to begin, I was hooked. Although beginning stages of my layouts are pretty "mortifying" now, to say the least because I didn't know rubber cement wasn't a good way to go! Or that using your decorative scissors on "every" photo would not be very appealing years down the road. Or that "silouetting" every photo wouldn't be later frowned upon.

But I have learned that "simple" can be better and "less is more." It's difficult sometimes not to put those last embellishments on my layouts but it's getting easier. I am sorry for the times I ignore my family or fail to get dinner on the table "on time" because I just can't put those danged scissors down.

I'm sorry for the times I scare my husband to death by jumping out of bed in the middle of the night because I just had a dream of my next layout. Or the times he has to wear the same t-shirt the next day to work because I forgot he needed some washed. I'm sorry that we'll never be able to buy a house because I can't seem to stop shopping! (Isn't that another group altogether?) Hmmm, anyway:) I'm sorry for being "not so in-tune" with my family all the time.

What I am not sorry for is the way my children seem to pull out the albums and spend time looking at the photos and "remembering" that day or event. I am happy that they have these photos to look over as I don't have very many photos of myself or family growing up due to a fire we had. So, this Christmas we invested in a "small" safe, well we were GOING to get a small safe and my thoughtful husband decided we best go with the "big" one for my albums to go into. So, it's about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. I think that will take care of my albums for awhile:)

By the way, did I tell you my name is Carrie Cogar and I'm a scrapoholic?

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