Tuesday, February 18, 2003    


dMarie, The Place To Be


It's all about extended family. Sounds kind of silly really, and certainly my husband and some of my friends don't understand why if I don't log in to dMarie at least every fourty-eight hours I break into a cold sweat. Its like not talking to your best friend in a week. The sense of community at dMarie is phenomonal, we look out for one another, if we haven't seen someone in a while we worry about them.

Prayer requests are met with a response I have yet to see any other place. Personal tragedies are wept over, and triumphs are cheered. We must have the longest running and most certainly immortal taco-soup thread ever known to history. We also sometimes fight like siblings, but even in that we are close. We come together to defend the misunderstood, or those who should sometimes just not click and send. We can get passionately fired up about any subject.

We welcome new family members, both two legged and four with joyous abandon. We mourn the loss of those who were loved dearly. dMarie has become a place of solace for many, how many times have I read, I'm alone and don't know where to turn, I knew my friends hear would listen even if they can't help. So you see, it really is all about extended family, that is what we become when we first happen on to dMarie. That is what keeps us coming back for more.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: What I Like Most About dMarie.com, by Jacqueline O.

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