Monday, February 19, 2001    


When I grow up.....

By:Jer, NM

My daughter frequently tells me that when she grows up she wants to be a scrapbooker. She magically decided that the age of nine would be the perfect time to start her new hobby! (I hope she doesn't think that nine is "grown up" !)Every time she says this it really makes me proud. I treasure the thought of her surrounded by photos, paper, and all the important scrapping necessities. She will always know how important her memories are....she'll never have to be taught that it is important to scrapbook.

I have to make sure that I use sturdy albums and quality page protectors because my albums are looked at daily by two sets of grubby little hands. They love to look at their birthday pages, dentist visits, and special play dates. They never tire of browsing and it makes me feel really good. I worry less and less about the artistic look of my pages and more about what I think is pleasing to them. What pleases a five and three year old? COMPLETED pages.

I take advantage of all the quick fixes in the scrapbooking industry so that I can finish more pages and play more with my kids...afterall, someday they will move away and I'll have lots of time to complete artistic works of the heart! I hope it isn't for a very long time.

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