Tuesday, February 20, 2001    


What I love about Dmarie

By:Jer, NM

Dmarie is a treasure of knowledge. I lurk at picture talk at least 5 - 10 times per day. My family laughs at my dmarie addiction, but they are always grateful when they benefit. The taco soup recipe was a huge hit as was the microwave peanut brittle my Mom made at Christmas. My aunt made 50 mugs of snowman soup and already has mugs ready for next year. I found the small xyron at Michaels even after I called the store and they said they didn't have any all because I read on Dmarie that most store employees didn't know what a xyron was. If I didn't read picture talk I would have taken their word for it.

I am grateful for the scrapbooking knowledge I gain from Dmarie, but I really love the NSBR posts. They are entertaining and very educational! I've been moved by people's willingness to share from personal pain, triumphs, and supplies. I remember the first gift box that I sent to Rachel, the precious little girl with cancer. She sent me a picture of her and it is one I will always treasure. I can't always get involved in the wonderful things at Dmarie, but enjoy reading the wonderful results jsut the same. Each time I look at my Recipe book (swap started at dmarie) I am thankful to live in the internet age. It opens so many doors and touches so many lives.

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