Wednesday, February 20, 2002    


Why I feel Scrapbooking is Important...

By:Cheryl R

Why do I feel Scrapbooking is important? I feel that scrapbooking is importsnt because without scrapbooks alot of families have no clue as to who the different people are in their pictures and family stories are ultimately lost when different family members die... Lately there has been alot of these going on lately in my family. My father died in Jan 2001 and I know that he was the keeper of names of the various relatives in our family. My dad was the one person you could turn to at a family function, pick out about ten people and he'd practically know all their names and how they were related. My mother always had (still might) a bucket of photos and I doubt many of them are labeled as to who they are... She knows who they are but I don't have a clue.. I can't wait to eventually get copies and get them scrapbooked for her.

I also feel scrapbooking is important because when photos are scrapbooked and journaled,you keep the memory alive of that moment in time when the pictures were taken.. I've been married almost 3 years and every time I open up my wedding scrapbook that starts with all the preparation I did for my wedding and up through the wedding, I still feel the same feelings that I was feeling when I made those pages. I used to teach school and I made scrapbooks of "my kids" . I still feel the excitement that went through me when I look at the pictures from a Field Trip to when we had our school parties for Halloween and Christmas.

My newest scrapbook project is coming up soon. My brother is having a baby in May/June and I can't wait to scrapbook the baby and record her life in a scrapbook so someday she can look back at pictures of herself and I'll be able to tell her the stories that go with them... I did this for my best friend's daughter and even though she is only 6 year old, she loves to look at "her book" and "remember" being a litle baby when she sees the pictures of herself through the years.

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